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Our new project is about menstruation in all its bloody glory.

You know that moment when you stand up from a chair and subtly check for a stain? That moment when you sneeze and have to ask a friend to check the back of your trousers? That moment when you stuff a tampon up your sleeve because GOD FORBID that anyone should know you have a vagina?  That shame, that stigma, that fear of the blood rushing out like the lift opening in The Shining? This project is all about that.

It’s about everything we never learnt at school – endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, menopause. It’s about period poverty, and eco-periods, and advertising that uses blue liquids. It’s about having the painters in, surfing the crimson wave, having your monthlies, suffering from the curse, and HAVING YOUR BLOODY PERIOD.

We've spend time over Zoom and in a sensibly distanced rehearsal room (!) talking about our vaginas, exploring ideas, learning about periods, and finding what the show will look and sound like with our amazing designer Nat, and fantastic musical directors Emmy and Zoe. Our goal is to create a show which sparks an open conversation about periods and gynaecological conditions, and which inspires audiences to tackle the shame and stigma surrounding menstruation. The show we make will be raucous, messy and heartfelt, featuring live music from our ‘house band’. We envisage the atmosphere of a speakeasy/cabaret, but with songs about tampons and smear tests. 


Some of the team from our period project R&D. L-R: Rachael, Lizi, Sophie, & Sarah

The Period Project is currently in development - you'll be able to see it in 2021. In the meantime we'd love your input!


Though rooted in the autobiographical, we’re working with biomedical researchers at the University of Hull, women from Preston Road Women’s Centre and an Endometriosis support group. We're also talking to male and non-binary menstruators, menopausal people and many others with a range of different experiences, to make sure that the stories we tell resonate with a wider audience, and reflect their experiences too. If you'd like to add your voice to this conversation, let us know what you'd want to see in a show about menstruation, or point us in the direction of relevant articles or campaigns etc., find us on social media @theroaringgirls or get in touch below!

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

The period project team is:

Lizi Perry - Director

Rachael Abbey - Actor

Sarah Penney - Actor

Sophie Clay - Actor

Natalie Young - Designer

Shaunagh McClean - Producer

Emmy Stonelake & Zoe West - Composers/ Musical Directors

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