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Now then! I'm Rachael and I'm one of the Co-Artistic Directors and founders of the company.


I've been working with Lizi since 2011, and we formed the company in 2014 when we realised nobody else would want to work with us.


I often accidentally say inappropriate things and accidentally get drunk  on 4 pints.


I like cross stitching, artisanal cider, and smashing the patriarchy. 

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Hello, I am Shaunagh and I am the producer for The Roaring Girls.


Producing is great because I am a sucker for excel (I'm a lady in the streets, but a freak in the spreadsheets!) I also produce for companies in the city such as She Productions, and work at Hull Truck Theatre. 


I'm a 100 year old in a 26 year old body, I love crocheting, wearing slippers and being in bed by 9pm. 

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Hiya! I'm Sarah and I'm the Welsh one!

I am an actor/ occasional producer/ dyspraxic and currently work for Absolutely Cultured in Hull as the Assistant Producer. 

When not doing Roaring Girlsy things, I am often found drinking coffee, watching YouTube and taking naps.


I love whiskey, watching videos of goats having a happy time, and novelty money boxes that make noises when you put your coins in.

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Hi, I'm Lizi and I am a tea-drinking, scarf-wearing, theatre-making red-head, and Co-Artistic Director of The Roaring Girls.

I co-founded the company with Rachael, and love collaborating with these fab ladies. I am a director, and occasionally a performer, most recently directing Beach Body Ready.

When not with The Roaring Girls I can be found working on a variety of theatre projects, and running workshops  with young people.

Can't live without: books, hot sauce, post-it notes (not all together).


Awesome artists we're committed to collaborating with;

Jess  is an fabulous lighting designer, and an all-round good egg.


They created amazing lighting for The Roaring Girls' When Everything Stops and Beach Body Ready.  They've also worked with Middle Child to create lighting for Us Against Whatever, and shows at Hull Truck Theatre, where they works as a technician.



Alex is a designer and set-builder, and generally a useful guy to know.


He has designed and built sets for several of The Roaring Girls' shows including Broken Little Robots and is always around with a drill, a camera or a bad joke. He also works with Silent Uproar, and supervises the workshop at the University of Hull.


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Playwright Lydia Marchant is a dog-loving, beer-drinking babe, and dramaturg on Beach Body Ready.


Lydia has an MA in Writing for Stage and Broadcast from Central School of Speech and Drama, and is an affiliate artist at Hull Truck Theatre and a Soho Theatre Writer's Lab alumna. Lydia is currently part of the BBC Writer's Academy.

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Actress and bassist Jess is Hull born and bred, and can't bear to be away from the city (or her shih-poo, Ronnie) for too long.


She is super proud to have performed with The Roaring Girls in Broken Little Robots and Beach Body Ready. She has also worked with Middle Child, Tom Wells, John Godber and She Productions. She's Jess to us, but credited as Josie for legal reasons we can't get into now. (It's either a stage name or some sort of secret identity...)

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L-R: Rachael, Sarah, Jess - filming at ERT
Sarah in her sunnies - filming with Fly Girl Films
Socially distanced R&D, L-R: Rachael, Lizi, Sophie, Sarah
Illustration by where_are_my_tits
L-R: Lizi, Sarah, Rachael & Shaunagh
TRG Christmas celebrations
TRG go flyering
Edinburgh Beach Body team
TRG post photo-shoot
TRG in Hull city centre
L-R: Alex, Shaunagh & Sarah
TRG filming on the beach
TRG talk @ Grow Festival
Beach Body Ready dream team
The Roaring Girls logo - orange
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