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Your clothes can define you.


They can be your hiding place, your battle cry, your badge of status, your blanket of grief, your dream of a new you… Or maybe they were just on sale.


Two women explore their own lives, as they reminisce over the memories held in these scraps of fabric.

Rachael Abbey and Lizi Perry delve into their wardrobes to talk about their past, their present and just exactly why they choose to present themselves in the way that they do. Join them in looking at old photos, fashion faux pas, and how the 90’s influenced them so much.


Skirts, Shirts, and Vintage Dresses was commissioned for the inaugural Assemble Fest in May 2014.

This interactive and conversational piece was created to be performed in a Dove House Hospice charity shop, in amongst second hand clothes and paintings. It has since been performed in the wardrobe stores of various theatres, and in an Oxfam shop on Goodge St as part of Incoming Festival.

In March 2015 we were honoured to perform a special version of the show at the Schlachthaus Theater in Bern, Switzerland as part of the Bern Student Theatre Festival (BeSTival), accompanied by Cath Snowball on guitar.

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