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The Joy of Spreadsheets

By our cat-loving, crocheting, queen of organisation herself, producer Shaunagh McClean.

Hello, my name is Shaunagh and I am a spreadsheet addict. I think it’s important to make that clear from the start.

I am the producer for The Roaring Girls which means I spend a lot of time making and thinking about spreadsheets, which to me is a dream come true.

When I told the team that I finally had an idea for the blog, and I said spreadsheets, I was met with laughs and eye rolls…as I spend most of my time talking about how much I love spreadsheets.

I felt it important to tell you about the spreadsheets I have made for my own personal day to day life, nothing business related as that would be too easy and the list could go on for years.

  • I make myself a yearly cash-flow, with the expected income (Covid-19 tore 2020’s to shreds!). These usually make me feel 10000000000% worse about my financial situation but have been known to make me feel better on the rarest of occasions.

  • Holiday plans – any time I go on holiday, I make a spreadsheet broken by day, the activity, how far this is from accommodation/train station/bus station/any other mode of transport hub. I have a second sheet in the workbook which details the price of every activity to make sure I am getting the best deal I can find.

  • The first thought I had when we got engaged was, OH MY GOODNESS THE SPREADSHEET, with budgets/guests/dietary requirements/who needs a hotel/schedules. (It is worth noting at this point, we got engaged on holiday, and I can confirm that this wasn’t on the spreadsheet which is slightly upsetting to my type-a brain.)

  • A symptom tracker – I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2018 after 12 years of pain, the pain came back with a vengeance a short two months after my surgery so I created a spreadsheet to take to my doctor, which detailed my daily symptoms, colour coded for good and bad days, and a formula to calculate the average bad days I had per week, to be able to prove the return of the pain.

  • Tracking the sell prices of turnips on my Animal Crossing island (this is one I am somewhat embarrassed by, but transparency is key, right?)

  • Reading/Netflix lists – what to watch next, including links on where to find the books etc.

  • EVERY trip to Ikea, including what the item is, how many we need and the location of where to find it in store.

And when Covid-19 started rearing its ugly head in the UK, I was very anxious about its impact on my personal and work life and found myself saying “I wish I could make a spreadsheet to understand this” … A LOT.

Spreadsheets help me create order, to what is a cloudy or foggy situation. Seeing words and numbers in their individual cells, colour coded with a beautifully working formula, help me make sense of the complexities of any given situation.

Bloody hell I love spreadsheets.

Shaunagh contemplating a cat-based spreadsheet. Probably.


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