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Now, That's What I Call The '90s.

By Lizi, the oldest Roaring Girl, who therefore remembers more of the '90s than the others, and should thus be regarded as an expert.

The first music I ever owned was Now That's What I Call Music! 38. Double cassette. Full of absolute tunes like Tubthumping and You Sexy Thing - every track a nostalgic banger. I recently found it at my parents house and saved it (though I don't have a tape player on which to listen to it.)

I'm sure that most people who were children in the 1990s could sing all the words to Spice Up Your Life, and I am no different. The song, of course, features on Now! 38 a.k.a the greatest compilation album of all time (don't fight me on this). If I'm totally honest I always preferred Meredith Brook's Bitch (tape 2, side 1), though aged 7/8 I'm not entirely sure I'd have known what it meant...

The glut of streaming services means that reliving the cultural hits of the 90s is easy, and I've enjoyed seeing '90s fashions and trends circle back round into being cool again. With that in mind, here are my thoughts on what should absolutely make a comeback:

Clarissa Explains It All

With Melissa Joan Hart's other iconic '90s show already on rebooted on Netflix (though without the creepy cat puppet which I feel is a huge mistake), I feel the time to appreciate Clarissa has come. Our eponymous heroine would tackle such issues as shoplifting teenage crushes by talking to the audience, like a teenage vlog stuck inside a family friendly sitcom. Today's Clarissa might be a youtuber, though she'd surely avoid the strange guitar stings and fake sounding laugh track... There's little potential to make the show dark and gritty, so I don't think a reboot is in the offing, so we'll just have to remember the quirky '90s version. Let's also take time to appreciate the cracking theme tune and the iconic fashions - the scrunchies, the bright patterns - and the fact that she had a pet alligator.


Now that we all have access to time wasting games and the whole of the internet on a small device that'll fit in your back pocket, the excitement of keeping a tamagotchi "alive" may be diminished somewhat... But I remember desperately trying to keep my tiny digital baby alive. There were rumours of so-and-so's cousin, or a friend in another village keeping theirs alive for months, but I think I only ever managed about 10 days. They might not be the most exciting or innovative thing on the market, but you can still buy them, and they're cheaper than a Nintendo switch...

Tartan suits a la Cher and Dionne

Jane Austen in Beverley Hills, Clueless is an iconic '90s movie, and filled with iconic '90s fashions; the hats, the knee socks, and the suits. Tartan skirts were somewhat ruined for me as I wore a kilt for five years at secondary school - though thankfully it wasn't bright yellow... Recently two of my fellow Roaring Girls bought brightly coloured suits - and they look fabulous in their matching yellow (perhaps a nod to Jim Carrey in The Mask - another '90s classic), but I think a step up from this look would be the full checked version... I'll bring it up at our next meeting, I think they'll be on board.

Cleopatra (Comin' Atcha!)

Dungarees, bandanas, goggles (for some unknown reason) - more iconic '90s fashions. Cleopatra are truly iconic late '90s / early '00s. And I can't think of another girl group whose main hit was their own theme tune. And their TV show? Truly awful.

Certain things should not make a come-back - remind me of that if I ever start wearing jeans under a dress. But I've already got the dungarees and scrunchies, so I might as well blast Cleopatra and watch Clueless.


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