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30 Very Interesting Facts About Sarah Penney

By The Roaring Girls own Sarah - you'd wonder why we keep her around, eh?

This week, I was asked if I could give an interesting fact about myself. It’s such a common question, isn’t it? I’ve been asked it several times in job interviews, having spent most of my preparation taking the Buzzfeed quiz ‘Choose what type of croutons you like, and we’ll tell you whether you’ll ace that job interview’ and deciding if trainers with a skirt will make me look ‘edgy but approachable.’

I digress. What do you say when someone asks you to tell them a fact about yourself? It’s usually a question that is answered with things like “I once met Neil Diamond outside a hotel in Stoke” or “I can twist my tongue upside down.” I always struggle to think of something on the spot. I usually panic and say something boring, like “I don’t like cinnamon.” Not anymore, my friends. For this week’s blog, I decided to sit down and think of 30 interesting facts about myself, so I’m prepared for any and all on-the-spot situations. So, I present to you, 30 VERY INTERESTING* FACTS ABOUT SARAH PENNEY. *Disclaimer: Facts may not be interesting.* 1. My initials spell SLAP. My mother’s maiden name was ‘Gray’ so I’m glad I have my father’s surname. Otherwise, I would have been…

2. I have never broken a bone.

3. I got cut out of a slide when I was 14 by the fire service, after friends unsuccessfully tried to free me with butter and sunflower oil.

4. I was a quarter finalist in Miss Wales.

5. My first email address was

6. I can wiggle my ears.

7. I have an irrational fear of Furbies and thunder.

8. I cannot say the word ‘anomaly’ in a sentence (think Nemo trying to say anemone).

9. When I was a child, I wanted to be a paediatric oncologist. Then I found out it was a sad job, so changed my mind.

10. I once got trapped in a room with a stranger who showed me pictures of a naked university professor dressed as Alice in Wonderland.

11. I got trapped in a clothes horse at university.

12. My deputy head teacher wrote in my school yearbook “Sarah, loved watching your GCSE drama performance. Hope I see you performing somewhere in the future, hopefully not on a street corner.”

13. I have five tattoos, one of which I got at 16 and is spelled wrong. ON MY WRISTS.

14. I have performed CPR twice.

15. I cannot force myself to burp – a source of great disappointment.

16. I accidentally weed into my handbag when I was 18, in a Swansea alleyway.

17. I got slapped in the face by a taxi wing mirror as a child after I thought my mother said ‘GO’ and she said ‘NO.’ It was doing 30 miles an hour.

18. I can’t eat cheap ketchup or mayonnaise. Heinz 4 LIFE.

19. I have a fear of electricity including static shock.

20. My baby tooth fell out during the Edinburgh Fringe and I was so stressed I just sighed and threw it in the bin.

21. I used to have a debilitating fear of saliva, leading to me throwing up in a Peppa Pig lunch box when a friend spat on the ground in front of me.

22. My second toe is longer than my big toe.

23. I once pissed myself on stage because I shouted the words ‘Dame Judi Dench’ with such gusto.

24. I can yodel.

25. I saw a goat commit suicide by jumping off a mountain once.

26. I got chased by a herd of cows down that same mountain and fell 8 feet, landing in a blue plastic box that had been thrown into the woods.

27. I was born with a birthmark on my forehead which you can still sometimes see when I’m tired or angry.

28. I don’t like swimming in the sea, because I’m convinced sharks are EVERYWHERE.

29. As an emo teenager, my Bebo account name was ‘SarahhCyanidee<3’

30. I never trust a horse. So, what do you think?



Did I get the job?

Pictured above: Sarah - we wouldn't have her any other way, really.


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