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21st June

By Rachael - Co Artistic Director and woman dreaming of the pub (aren't we all?)

Last week saw Boris give us a roadmap that hopefully leads us out of lockdown and back to some resemblance of normal. It gave people cautious hope that summer was still there for the taking. Even Leeds Fest said it was going ahead.

(You couldn’t pay me enough to camp at Leeds fest again, never mind after a pandemic. It's going to be like the dying days of Babylon)

Everyone will go at their own pace, it's been a ride, and things aren't just going to snap back to normal. It also may not even happen on June 21st, there is a lot of caveats to things being normal by then. Honestly at this point, all I want is to sit in a friend’s garden, preferably more than 6 of us, and have a BBQ. That’s it. That’s all I want. The lighter nights are getting me excited for summer, for being outside and seeing friends. And it looks as though in 4 months we could be there.

One thing I do want to address though is the fatphobic memes about only having 4 months to lose your lockdown weight. If you’ve come out of the other side of a pandemic and the worst thing that has happened to you is you’ve put on a few pounds, give your head a wobble. "June 21st body ready" is the new "beach body ready" and I am not here for it. I could rant for days about fatphobic memes and how they’re not just boring but harmful, but that’s for a different blog.

I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer about it all though, and I think there are a lot of things to look forward to.

With more and more people getting the vaccine, students going back, and, most importantly, pubs reopening in the near future, the excitement overflowed into some expertly curated memes. For your consideration, the top 10 I’ve found.

A piece of Modern Art

This photo was taken years ago to tell the story of how boozy and loutish New Years Eve can be, but it has become a meme all of its own. The longer you look at it, the more stories it tells.

Charging the battery

How many times during the past year have you met up with someone, physically or digitally, and only lasted a couple of hours before you’re knackered? Social stamina is a thing and mine is at rock bottom.

Lock up your sons

As a single woman, I feel this on a deep and meaningful level.

Bathroom babes forever

Honestly I feel like this is the best bit about going clubbing? Just telling everyone how great they look and making friends and general great vibes. The vibes inside a womens loo in a club are IMMACULATE.

Does this look good?

I’m not going to lie, approximately 90% of the past year I’ve been in PJs and hoodies. What is fashion? Are sequins to the pub too much? What do you mean I should wear a bra? Absolutely not.

Please stop talking

One thing I’m not looking forward to is the shit small talk that we’re going to endure. “ooh its so weird that we’re in a club” “can’t believe its over” “I’m so used to lockdown doubles this doesn’t even taste like there is any alcohol in it and they charged me £7 for it”.

I don’t care pal.

This is Britain after all

I’m not Mystic Meg but I’m telling you now, it will rain.

Do not stop me

Prinks. Pub. Pub. Bar. Another bar. Another bar. Club. Club. Casino. Takeaway.

And that’s just Monday.

I’ve started planning

Online shops have JUNE 21ST sections on their websites full of outfits ready for the big day. Did anyone else meticulously plan what they would wear for the first day of sixth form because it was THE fashion event of the year? It’s going to be like that on steroids. I may plan a few utfit changes.

Oh No…

If you’re smart like me, you’ll let everyone go out on 21st June and have their hangovers on 22nd, so you have the bar to yourself. Smaller queues, less people, more fun.


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