The Roaring Girls Whodunnit –The Missing Roller Skates

Sandy Thompson was the best roller-skater Hull had ever seen. But after this tragic crime, she never skated again. Her skates had been stolen from her locker at the local roller disco whilst she was getting a drink with her long-term boyfriend, Billy Holdman, one fateful night in 1979. 


Sandy’s testimonial 

-       I remember, It was the 21st Night in September – which was a  Friday night. Not the club’s busiest night but one with all the regulars. I went to the club 3 times a week, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. That disco was like a second home to me, I can’t believe someone would do this. I got there at about 6.15pm and went straight to my locker to get ready and was on the floor for 6.30pm for free practice, I went back to my locker after my hour and a half of practice to freshen up as Billy was meeting me for a drink afterwards. He was going to give me a lift home so I went to collect my stuff at 9.30 and that’s when I realised my prized skates had gone missing.  There were 4 people who were at the disco that evening and could have possibly taken the skates. 


Newspaper article

-       Sandy “Golden Skates” Thompson is widely known in the North Humberside region for her impressive skills at the disco, but just as she was about to head to London to compete in the national finals for roller disco dancing, tragedy struck when her prized roller skates were stolen from her locker at Funky Town Roller Disco in Hull. Police are now investigating how such a crime could have taken place. It is believed that the Skates were stolen from her locker, which was near the ladies toilets, as she enjoyed a beverage with her boyfriend Billy. When Sandy returned to her locker at around 9.30pm, there were no signs of forced entry and she found it wide open with all of her belongings strewn around the place. Police have found no trace of the skates since Miss Thompson last saw them around 8.30pm on Friday night. 


Linda Nolan: 

-       I’m Linda, Sandy is dating my ex and those two turn up wherever I am all the time. So yeah, I don’t really know her.

-       I mean, obviously she’s good at roller skating but she absolutely stole Billy from me. He was my boyfriend first, we had been dating for 4 weeks before they got together. So yeah, you can say we’re not close.

-       I was at the disco with my sister, she’s only 17 but I know the guy on the door so he just waved us through, we were sat down near the locker room drinking our pina coladas because we are very sophisticated ladies, working up the dutch courage to go dancing.

-       I don’t know much, just that she ALWAYS had these golden skates that everyone would go mad for. People were obsessed with them. People were obsessed with HER. Like, who cares, you have some golden skates, chill out hot stuff.

-       Like I said, me and my sister were sat drinking, we got there about 7pm. She’s a shy girl so it takes a lot get her dancing.  At about 9pm She said she felt weird so went to the ladies toilets and she was in there alone for about 15 minutes so I decided to go check on her. She’d passed out in one of the toilet cubicles, so I managed to jimmy open the door – I had a dodgy uncle who would tach me stuff like that , but that’s a story for another time – and I had to pull her out, and pretty much carry her out of the toilets, it was so – embarrassing. We were out of the club by 9.20, I wasn’t there when she realised her skates had been stolen, I only heard that they had gone missing the next day.

-       I think it was Barbie, she’s got a lot of anger towards Sandy about the whole situation between them . Rick wouldn’t do it, he’s an intellectual kinda guy, he’s not about to start roller skating anytime soon, and why would steve need to steal skates when he literally sells them, he’s got enough to last a life time.


Barbara “Barbie” Anderson: 

-       I’m Barbara, Barbie, for short, I’m a local roller disco star and I’m a gemini. I used to be Sandy’s skating partner, we were so good, but her career really took off 6 months ago

-       Sandy and I used to be really close, we used to train together and everything, but then Sandy started to get a lot of attention, she ended up doing a lot of solo practice with these new trainers who came in. I said to her, you know, You Can Go Your Own Way, but we were always supposed to dance together. She kinda just left me behind. She’s won so many awards, but let me tell you, she is not the only Dancing Queen around here.

-       I was at the disco practicing as I do every Friday and Saturday night, by myself. I can’t afford personal trainers like Sandy. I was on that floor half an hour before Sandy got there and an hour after she got off it to go see her boyfriend. I am so much more professional than she is.

-       I went with her to get those skates, they were made to perfectly fit her feet, they wouldn’t fit anyone else as perfectly as they did her. They were expensive, she’d been working at Wimpy Burger for so long to save up for them, and when she saw that they could make them in gold, her face lit up. She got them about a year ago, back when we were still close.

-       I got to the disco around 5.30pm, I like to get there nice and early, so I’ve got plenty of time to skate before the weekend crowd get there. I like to have the space to practice. I always go to my locker near the mens bathrooms, some people get really protective over their lockers so they stayed in the old block near the ladies toilets, but the one near the men’s are newer and more secure. It kinda serves her right that her skates were stolen, I’ve seen folk open other people’s lockers with just a well placed thump. IT makes a dint but it opens it up. I only came off the floor twice between about 5.45 and 10pm, and that was just to grab a glass of water each time, it’s thirsty work! I didn’t go with anyone but Steve  was watching me all night – he’s such a creep.

-       I think its that new guy Steve. He’s always here and he knows how expensive those skates are, I bet he’s knicked them to sell them on the skater’s black market – which is very much real. I grew up with Rick, it’s not him, he’s weird but it wouldn’t do it. Linda has a chip on her shoulder about Sandy but she’s harmless.

Rick Anthony: 

-       Anthony. Rick Anthony. I’m a local inventor, I don’t want to brag but I figured if you put a toaster on its side you can make cheese on toast pretty damn easily. All about that engineering. I’ve known Sandy since we were at school together so that would be… about 8 years I’ve known her? Not particularly close mind you.

-       She always seemed nice enough, but it was always roller skating that got her noticed by anyone. She was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it. The moves she could pull. 

-       I often go to the disco to just sit down, have a few Heinekens, its one of the best places in town. I often go after work on a Friday, see who is about, unwind a bit, you know?

-       There were rumours that she had weights in her skates to pull off some of the more unusual tricks, people were talking about it so much one of the judges had to inspect her skates to see if they could find anything. They couldn’t, but it doesn’t mean she hasn’t doctored her skates one way or another. She’s definitely fiddled with those skates one way or another to make her skating better.

-       I got to the disco about 7.30, I was by myself but I always find someone to talk to. When I got there steve was sat behind the desk, I saw Barbie  and Sandy on the dance floor, like they always are. I love watching them dance, not in a weird way, just the mechanics of it. I’ve got a theory, that its down to the skates. Theres just something that is missing when it comes to Barbie, Sandy just has that perfect balance, effortless, I think theres something going on with those skates. I found a seat near the bar and  Linda was sat drinking with someone new, I don’t know who she was but she looked like her little sister. Linda was fine, but her little sister? By the time it was about 9pm her sister was so drunk she went to throw up in the ladies, Linda followed her immediately in that direction and I watched Linda carry her out at about 9.20!

-       I wouldn’t be surprised if Linda had something to do with it. She really hates Sandy, she’s always hanging about trying to look cool infront of her ex but she just looks really childish- its kind of embarrassing. Barbie is too focused on making it big herself to get involved in sabotage, and Steve really doesn’t care all that much about roller skating, he’s just here for the wage.   


Steve Marsh: 

-       I’m Steve and I work here at Funky Town. I’ve worked here about 3 months, just passed my probation, I know Sandy from her being here 3 times a week. I don’t think she knows my name but we say hello to each other.

-       She seems nice, she comes here a lot, often to practice by herself or with her trainer, but she definitely comes on Saturday nights to show off. She’s great and she knows it. She always wears her signature golden skates, we get a lot of customers asking where they can get the same ones from but I heard they were custom made for her in Paris. But maybe that’s just a rumour.

-       I was working behind the counter at Funky Town as I do every day Tuesday till Saturday 5pm – 1am. I’m always here, always watching. I’ll Be There.

-       People are always asking about where they can get them from. We stock a wide array of skate here available to purchase at a very reasonable price, but we don’t sell gold skates. She must have had them custom made. If we sold gold skates we’d make a fortune, everyone is after them.

-       I started work at 5pm, so I usually go round, tidy up a bit, wipe down the tables, sweep the floor, and we open at 5.30. Barbie was waiting outside ready to come in, she’s always eager. She was the only one on the floor until Sandy turned up, I don’t know what the deal is with those two but they’re certainly not friends. I love watching Barbie, I think she’s better than Sandy, I hope she doesn’t notice that I stare at her a bit too much, I just think she’s really talented. I watched her that whole night, she’s just dedicated to the dance floor. Rick turns up every Friday, stinking of Brut, always coming up to chat to me about roller skates. Says he’s an engineer and that he’d love to make the perfect pair of skates. I mean, I know nothing about skates apart from the 2 hours training I had when I started this job. And then there was Linda and her little sister, Susan. I know Susan shouldn’t have been in there, she was in my class at school, we’re only 17, its why I'm working behind the desk rather than the bar. They walked in with their massive sheepskin coats like they owned the place. They got pretty drunk, I had to call them a taxi at like 9.20 and bundle them in with all their big coats and bags.

-       I think it’s Rick. He’s obsessed with skates, I think he wanted to figure out what make Sandy’s skates better than everyone else's. He’s a bit weird like that. Linda was looking after her drunk sister, I don’t think she could have done it. And Barbie is super professional, she knows not to mess with people like that!