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We wrote this in our living rooms and our bedrooms in the dead of night.
When you can't sleep, and you can't stay awake,

and you don't know what's wrong but you just cry and cry.

Everyone has found themselves feeling broken at some point. Anxiety, depression, fear: we all have that one button that shouldn't be touched.

Part rant, part confession, and part party, Broken Little Robots is about that feeling, but it’s a positive show. We're dealing with big problems, but we want you to leave energised, not scared. There will be sad moments, but you won't be sad for long, we promise. We're looking into our pasts, but we're also looking forward to tomorrow. It ends in a dance party. Just warning you now. There may be a confetti cannon but only when you least expect it.

These things don't have to be big and scary, even though they may feel that way. We want to talk about living with the problems in our lives; living with depression and anxiety. It's about living and surviving, not imploding.

Broken Little Robots began as a Assemble Fest 2015 commission, and was first performed at Ella Street Social, Newland Avenue, Hull.

The show has since been developed with funding from the Arts Council England, and performed at Hull Truck Theatre, the University of Hull, as well as at special charity and schools shows. 

Cast:            Rachael Abbey
                    James Frewer (Hull Truck Theatre)
                    Josie Morley
                    Jonny Neaves (Assemble Fest)
Written by:  Rachael Abbey & the company
Director:      Lizi Perry
Music by:    Jonny Neaves (Assemble Fest)

                    James Frewer (Hull Truck Theatre)
Designer:    Alex Brook
Stage Management & additional support:

                    Shaunagh McClean

Images on this page by Facet Photography

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